Logos, Web, Wiki

iXem Logos

Our first logo was designed in 2000 by Carlo Arnelli, a former collaborator of the Department. Originally conceived to support the distribution of one software of ours, the logo became so popular among students, that it was finally adopted. Giorgia Nutini did a great job to transform into something presentable, shadowing it with Politecnico di Torino's one.
In 2013 Daniele Trinchero and Riccardo Stefanelli redrawn it completely, to celebrate Angelo Gaja's Lectio Magistralis at Politecnico.
In 2014 iXem Labs run a competition for the selection of the iXem Labs Foundation logo and the iXem prize logo. The current versions are creations by our friend Simona Vogliano .

iXem Web Site

Beginning of 2007 iXem Labs starting promoting a free access to a large repository of lectures, technical documents and notes in any field of their activity. In that occasion, iXem Labs decided to redraw the iXem web site, deriving the graphical layout from one of the most important open-source web-project, mozilla.org, under granted license.
In 2013 the WebSite has been redesigned, according to an easier and more accessible style, adopting combinations of the three iXem colors: black, white, and ruby red.

iXem Wiki

iXem Labs are Institutionally committed to enhance the access of open source - open hardware solutions, as well as the distribution of lecture notes, technical reports and video lectures. To do so, we have implemented an open access Wiki Platform, where all our teaching products are available for consultation.
The platform is grown year after year thanks to the collaboration of our students, and it counts already more than 100 contributors from at least 25 Countries worldwide.
The current version of the iXem Wiki has been designed by Riccardo Stefanelli and Fulvio Cambiotti.