Wireless for Inclusion in Amazon

The iXem Labs of Politecnico di Torino implemented a methodological approach used in the Province of Orellana, Eastern Ecuador, for the realization of a telecommunication network infrastructure between the city of Puerto Francisco de Orellana (also known as El Coca) - the capital of the Province - and peripheral communities located in the surrounding of the tropical moist forest.

The project was implemented in one of the poorest countries of Latin America, in a remote and disadvantaged area where the lack of communication infrastructures and the absence of almost all public services generates a strong migration towards the capital.

The project was conceived for the development of a communication system that allows the provisioning of basic intranet services for distance learning, telemedicine and internet connectivity.

The main scope of the project was the development of an approach focused on the technological transfer to the local population, in order to reduce the digital gap in the area.

The aim of the project has been achieved thanks to the direct enrolment of local municipalities, small entrepreneurs, communities and local NGO.

The technological transfer to local players and the choice of a suitable platform, designed for a simplified, low cost management, guarantee the sustainability and scalability of the project. The declaration of interest in the infrastructure by the Municipality enables the economic sustainability of the project.